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You play one of the biggest roles in the search process

As someone who dedicates their days to helping students find the right college for them, you play one of the biggest roles in the search process. Our job is to help you in any way we can—and make sure you know exactly which students would thrive from the transformative experience and affordable private education that Wesley offers.


With a commitment to student-centered learning, Wesley’s dedicated faculty teaches the subjects that are in demand by employers, from accounting and nursing to business, kinesiology, and beyond. Students “learn while doing” through internships in Dover and along the I-95 corridor, and solve real-life problems in small, hands-on classes.

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Life @ Wesley

If there’s one thing our students always say, it’s that there’s always something going on at Wesley. Sporting events, outdoor movies, pop-up laser tag, poetry readings, fashion shows, and more. No matter if they were introverted or extroverted in high school, students find it fun, safe, and welcoming here.

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What Kinds of Students Would Be Attracted to Wesley?

Our student body is comprised of all types of personalities and a diverse range of backgrounds. But there are certain preferences, learning styles, and aspirations that tether our students together. The kinds of students who love and do well at Wesley are those who want to…

  • Build profession-ready skills, confidence, and knowledge on today’s hot topics, so they can go on to rewarding careers or graduate school right after commencement.

  • Be seen as individuals, not numbers. At Wesley, each student receives a personalized education from the moment they begin.

  • Have access to helpful resources. All full-time students entering Wesley are assigned an academic advisor to assist them in transitioning to the college experience, and in addition, our impressive tutoring center is absolutely free.

  • Learn from professors who really care about them—inside and outside the classroom. They stay beyond office hours, can be seen cheering at games, and work with students until they succeed.

  • Have accountability. When a student is unexpectedly absent from a class, our professors will find out why—because they are dedicated to their students’ growth.

  • Become someone. Through our leadership development programs, industry connections, internship opportunities, and more, Wesley students do things they may never have thought they’d do in college.

To learn more about who would thrive at Wesley, call us at 302.736.2400.

Did you know? During their senior year, students can start taking select graduate courses—so they can earn a master’s more quickly and for less tuition.

X% first-generation Students

From a cognitive standpoint, yes, students transform their critical thinking skills at Wesley. They transform the ability to compile data to communicate effectively. But the personal transformation is here. It’s absolutely here. I see it.

- Wanda Anderson, Dean of Students

Cost & Financial Aid

Wesley is committed to affordability. Every year, 90 percent of full-time students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, institutional grants, federal and state grants, student loans, work-study, and on-campus employment.

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The best thing counselors can do to get a feel for Wesley is come see us. Take a tour with a Student Ambassador, chat with an Admissions Counselor, meet a professor, and even sit in on one of our small classes.  

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