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Because you want to attend a small school with really big opportunities. Because you know you deserve them. You want professors who know your name and care about your growth (and will even text with you). Because you’re more than just a number. Because on the campus tour, you don't want to feel lost—you want to feel at home. And because you want to be someone. If all that sounds familiar, you’ll love it here.

As a student government leader, I learned how to work with others to build consensus towards reaching shared goals. After I graduate, I would like to become part of something bigger than myself and make a difference in my community and the world.

- Kelsey Fitzpatrick, ’19

60% More than half of students live on campus

Named Top “Hidden Gem” College in delaware by Collge Raptor

The Value of Wesley

The Value of Wesley

When students take full advantage of all that Wesley has to offer, those great things that await become great things realized—and our professors see to that. You won’t find a more dedicated faculty and staff anywhere else.

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Wesley awards nearly $9 million in institutionally funded financial aid annually. And in addition to admissions scholarships and grants, we offer a host of scholarship opportunities for current students so they can apply year after year.

Scholarship Calculator

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I’ve had a lot of really good opportunities here. I designed a textbook for a professor. I’ve been able to do sports photography since my freshman year. I was yearbook editor. I designed a website for the radio station. I was a media lab assistant, and I’ve been an academic coach and an RA.

- Danielle Reid, ’16

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